Silk Exfoliating Mitt

Made in Turkey. TopGlow exfoliating mitt is handmade and woven with 100% silk. Only $30

Removes dead skin

Helps remove fake tan

Healthy blood circulation

Eliminates ingrown hair

Silk Exfoliating Mitt

This unique woven silk works to sweep away dead skin and impurities by deeply exfoliating the face and body. Originating from ancient hammam bath rituals, this natural exfoliating mitt tackles dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite and gently preps your skin for your next self-tan.

Easy To Use

After you’ve been in a hot shower or bath for 5-10 minutes, soak your exfoliating mitt (will shrink when wet) squeeze the mitt to drain out any water and place your hand inside the mitt. Remove your body from the water, glide the mitt up and down your body and watch dead skin sweep away.

Quality Mitt

This handmade exfoliating mitt is woven in pure Turkish silk. 100% natural and no added chemicals. Comes with a reusable pouch, no paper packaging.

To preserve the integrity of the product, do not use or clean it with anything other than warm water.

Made in the Turkey, labeled and packed in Canada.