Tanning Oil for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Now we know, you’ve been told this before, but our TopGlow tanning oil is different, we swear! Gone are the days of streaky, orange residue on your hands and in between your fingers and that VERY distinct smell of self-tanners...just the thought of all the white sheets harmed during that process makes you cringe. 

So, what really separates our self-tanning serum from the rest of the bunch?

  1. No need to add a whole extra step to your beauty routine, you can pair this serum with your favourite moisturizer that you ALREADY use and love.
  2. YOU control how much you glow. 2 to 12 drops, you take your pick!
  3. Look good AND feel good. Our serum is enriched with all-natural ingredients like vitamins E+C, rosehip, cucumber and beet root extract. It’s basically like a healthy, glowing smoothie for your skin!
  4. This product is paraben free, vegan and earth-friendly!
  5. And lastly, but certainly not least, your skin will be left hydrated, soft and GLOWING every single time.

So like we promised, our tanning serum really IS different. Say goodbye to all your former self tanning nightmares and let’s get GLOWING.